04 October 2009

papa sprain | flying to vegas

first-class debut ep from gary mckendry & chums. if you've listened to the demos already then you've heard the lead track already. and if you've listened to the "may" ep then you'll already be familiar with the dreamy ambient style of "spout". my favourite is "rich", all thumbclicks and gary's intimate "back home/my room/with your letters", reminiscent of no one except his cohort butterfly child.

my copy is a bit crackly and judders a little at the outer edges. bummer.

12" released by h.ark! in 1991.


::: papa sprain - flying to vegas [remix] (from "volume one")

for more about papa sprain, take a look at this post on bubblegum cage iii.

defintely take a look at bubblegum cage if you haven't already - sam's post brought some former members of papa sprain out of the woodwork and revealed some recent recordings!


Biggie Samuels said...

My copy of this E.P. also judders at the beginning of each side. It was probably a defect in the whole pressing.

Thanks for posting the remix, BTW.

In other news, I just finally scored a vinyl copy of May. Thanks Internet!

Unknown said...

Ah! I loved this EP so much in my salad days I bought it twice in case one copy was ever lost or damaged:


(One is still mint, unplayed)

Spout and Rich remain fabulous to this day. I think I even saw someone in a t-shirt once...

Unknown said...

Finally at YouTube


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