07 May 2009

papa sprain | peel session

i must thank last fm user connecti_cut, and our previous papa sprain benefactor, darren durham, once of fortdax, for passing this on. as i've said before, there were precious few papa sprain releases, so getting hold of a new one is pure gold. especially this session, which displays a slightly less "feathered" version of the band, giving what i imagine is a fairly good impression of the band as a live act.

::: time bath
::: i got stop
::: you are ten million needless people
::: cliff tune

you can read a little more info about the session here. sadly can't find any pictures of the band at all. once upon a time i had a copy of a fanzine with a load of live pictures of them and butterfly child. can't remember what it was called - it may have been kerosene but not sure... those were the days.

bbc radio one session broadcast 1 may 1992.

where are they now.


Biggie Samuels said...

Yay! Now all we need to do is track down a copy of their "lost" full-length.

Anonymous said...

the correct title of track 3 is "U R 10000000 Needles Pierce"

GP said...

Ah fantastic. I have "Flying to Vegas" and "U Swell" on 12" and the single of the month club 7" he did for Rough Trade, but haven't been able to transfer them to electronic form yet.

Did anything ever come of Ja Salmon by the way - few guys in Belfast who I think Gary M was involved with at one point?

GRK. said...

Much gratitude from me.

Word veri: avivati

Anonymous said...

my dad was the guitarist :)