18 July 2008

earwig | under my skin i am laughing

brighton duo insides came to prominence briefly in 1993 with the release of their debut album euphoria on 4ad offshoot guernica. they followed this up with the single track , 38 min album clear skin, before more or less falling off the planet, despite releasing a third album sweet tip, which drifted away from the velvety electronica into more jazz leanings.

but before all this they were a trio called earwig, and were similarly blissful but with some delicious distortion added. that's a terrible description i know, so just download this instead, their one and only album.

released in 1992 by la di da.

close my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rare stuff !

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Nice blog. Please check my YouTube channel for som rare Earwig tracks. You'll find one track from each ladida release: