14 April 2010

podcast | curious beast 4.5

thinking that number 4 was lost in the mists of time thanks to my tardiness in posting it, crayola went ahead and did another. and be thankful he has - this one is dedicated to the cover version and his selection is pretty damn special.

::: 14 iced bears - coming down (originally by the united states of america)
::: pale saints - fell from the sun (originally by opal)
::: the shrubs - another age (originally by phil ochs)
::: terry & jerry - bias binding (originally by yeah yeah noh)
::: polysics - my sharona (originally by the knack)
::: rapeman - just got paid (originally by zz top)
::: the creepers - baby's on fire (originally by brian eno)
::: big flame - testament to the slow death of youth culture (wake me up when it's over) (originally "wake me up before you go-go by wham!)
::: television personalities - biff bang pow! (originally by the creation)
::: a witness - tomorrow never knows (originally by the beatles)
::: the membranes - voodoo chile (originally by jimi hendrix)
::: harry pussy - showroom dummies (originally by kraftwerk)



crayola said...

Typo - It should be "Fell From The Sun".
Crayola x

Anonymous said...

Superb,happy days indeed