08 April 2010

trans am/wingtip sloat | split ep

i think i may have screwed up the tracklisting for the wingtip sloat side - one of those rips were 4 songs are listed but somehow you have 5. but never mind, it doesn't spoil the listening pleasure of these 2 bands. this release came with issue 3 of tuba frenzy. whatever happened to fanzines anyway.

12" released by tuba frenzy in 1996.



Peter Tron said...

ahh, the sloat!



drk said...

i've seen this in many different indie shops but always passed it up because i thought it was actualy upbeat tuba music... and the question of what happened to fanzines... you're making one right now it's just digital... think of it as doing the same but saving a few trees along the way... nice post-slint mixes too... there on my to do list for today.