26 April 2010

mixtape | the quiet before: post-slint post-rock vol. 1

this new primer covers what you could call the "post-slint" side of post-rock; these are bands that tend to start quiet then get really loud then get quiet again. they tend to be on very good terms with their distortion pedals. they tend not to involve singers. they are frequently exhileratingly predictable (i went through a phase of being "off mogwai" because it always feels like you know what's coming next, until i realised i wanted to hear it anyway). they tend to have very muscular bass sounds.

i like all of those things.

::: slint - good morning, captain
::: from monument to masses - the quiet before
::: caspian - loft
::: if these trees could talk - signal tree
::: mogwai - burn girl prom queen
::: june of 44 - mooch
::: explosions in the sky - first breath after coma
::: because of ghosts - the content is irrelevant
::: canyonsofstatic - maps and mazes


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks for your work, ive found alot of interesting band thanks to u! thx

track 7 is broken. second volume has also some issues.