27 April 2010

mixtape | the quiet before: post-slint post-rock vol. 2

of course they can also be prone to pretentiousness and a general air of self-importance, but sometimes you need that in a band, you know?

::: godspeed you! black emperor - storm
::: ganger - cats, dogs and babies jaws
::: maserati - 12 16
::: rodan - tooth fairy retribution manifesto
::: dianogah - eating cake
::: god is an astronaut - radau
::: the mercury program - over this land
::: shipping news - the march song
::: emery reel - his hammer is my axe
::: set fire to flames - steal compass / drive north / disappear
::: mono - the flames beyond cold mountain



Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up of the "Our salvation is hand" fanzine comp you posted awhile ago. Also wondering if have Turquoise Days, There's A Bugging Device Inside My Choc Ice, Drew Ramirez In Air Disk King, Weapons of happiness compilations respectively. Thanks for the music.

Anonymous said...

could you be re-up beatnik filmstars | the purple fez 72 club social please. tnks

Anonymous said...

re-up beatnik filmstars | the purple fez 72 club social