02 November 2009

mixtape | our tunes: dodgy dance music from school

i think this was probably the funnest compilation i've done so far, chiefly i think because i haven't heard many of these songs since i was at school so it was a bit like bumping into old friends. except of course this is a collection of mostly terrible cheese, so for friends read enemies.

anyway, hearing some of these songs takes me back to an era when simon bates and his excruciating "our tune" segment ruled the uk airwaves and the kid next to you was nodding his head along to snap! on his aiwa "personal stereo". and i had a minor obsession with marilyn monroe and iron maiden postcards. ah, those were the days...

::: snap! - the power
::: the shamen - move any mountain
::: black box - ride on time
::: soho - hippychick
::: betty boo - where are you baby?
::: c+c music factory - gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now)
::: kicks like a mule - the bouncer
::: altern 8 - active 8
::: nenh cherry - manchild
::: n-trance - set you free
::: n-joi - anthem
::: shampoo - trouble
::: stereo mc's - connected
::: the klf - 3am eternal (live at the ssl)
::: utah saints - something good
::: lisa stansfield - all around the world

download at your own risk.


Quitter said...

Funny - i was gonna suggest Hippy Chick but what's worse is I have about over half that list on 12" - I guess we must be the same age or something. (I'm 35 btw)

Quitter said...
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joe said...

it was actually hippy chick that gave me the idea!

and yes, i'll be 35 on friday!