01 November 2009

mixtape | 3 slices of indie pop perfection

you know, much as i like all the awkward, angular stuff like big flame and all the "clever" post rock, sometimes you just want songs that give you a bit of a cuddle.

::: shop assistants - it's up to you
::: mccarthy - the well of loneliness
::: los campesinos! - miserabilia

coming up next: a seriously dodgy mix of mostly terrible songs that were popular when i was at school. bet you can't wait.


Quitter said...

I can't wait though. What are we talking about? Dodgy indie or dodgy pop? The dodgiest indie song I can think of right now from when I was at school is possibly something like Candy Flip - but I ever heard that mentioned in revered tones the other day - madness.

joe said...

ha - even worse - dodgy dance-pop!

as for candy flip - check the baggy comp!

Quitter said...

Oh dodgy dance pop! Awesome.