10 November 2009

podcast | curious beast 3: death to trad rock

whoops, went a bit quiet there for a bit... back again with another podcast.

i've been hugely enjoying john robb's "death to trad rock" book. for the uninitiated it covers all those difficult, angular, wonky uk bands from the 1980s that small numbers of men can't talk about without getting slightly breathless and/or misty-eyed.

sarandon has the distinction of being the only contemporary band to be included*, and while we wait for the release of the accompanying compilation album, crayola has dun a podcast:

ac temple - all hail discordia
dandelion adventure - fly on the wall documentary
bogshed - the story of bogshed
the membranes - penal landscape gardener
colgates - annotations of brian
death by milkfloat - ttyf
world domination enterprises - hotsy girl
pigbros - the way things currently are
stretchheads - housewife up yr fuckin' arse music
dog faced hermans - yellow girls
dawson - white colonial
the ex - state of shock

get. *link fixed*

* edit: simon morris has corrected me - there's ceramic hobs too!


Simon said...

'sarandon has the distinction of being the only contemporary band to be included'

Not true Joe!!

joe said...

ach you're right! will correct...

Simon said...

Cheers, but damn I seem to have missed the podcast. A rare Membranes track I'd never heard of before too, arghh.

Hope all great with you anyway - I'm enjoying my midlife crisis (blending seamlessly from all the preceding ones) and keeping it unreal.

joe said...

oops, try again, pasted the wrong thing in...

and yes all good here - about to become a dad so midlife crisis no doubt building...

Chris said...

If you liked John Robb's book then you may be interested to know he's starting up a blog at Rivmixx tomorrow. Check it out here http://bit.ly/6lglgZ