24 August 2009

the reverse | dead messages

okay, this is going to be the first of a series of vanity posts: the reverse is/was my old band and i'm going to post up basically everything we released while i was a member - better to give it away and have people actually hear it than leave the songs festering on hard drives and in boxes...

"dead messages" was our first "proper" release, though it being in an edition of only 50 cdrs it was hardly going to bother the shelf stackers at hmv. it basically collected various recordings we'd made between 2000 and 2002, all done at the church studio in north london, wot dave stewart of eurythmics used to own. our singer worked at the studio and we were allowed to use it whenever it wasn't being used. we used to rehearse in the live room too. lucky us.

it's a pretty mixed bunch of songs, from "kafka's castle", recorded before i joined, to "night bus", which everyone hated but we always enjoyed playing. we got excited when simon from fierce panda told us he particularly liked "blood on the tape machine" and then never heard from him again. "blood" was also the last song the four of us ever played together.

the songs got us gigs at various london toilets, but no record deal, but we had a great time writing and recording them and i suppose that's what really matters (harrumph).

cdr released by kabukikore in 2005.


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