24 August 2009

podcast | curious beast

wooo yes a podcast! this could be the first of an occasional series or a one-off. who knows. anyway, this comes courtesy of our man just outside leicester, crayola, aka the man behind sarandon, drink milk design (he's just done john robb's new book cover) and my godson george.

he has excellent taste and indeed is responsible for providing me with some of the choicer rips available on tba in recent weeks. and this is his podcast:

::: carcass - festerday
::: kenny process team - ronald frazer munro
::: the spores - freezing point
::: the ambassadors of sorrow - if you loved me
::: camper van beethoven - take the skinheads bowling
::: steve beresford - the museum of towing & recovery, b3
::: datblygu - mynd
::: kaleidoscope - mr. small, the watch repairer
::: pop will eat itself - i'm sniffin' with you hoo
::: like a stuntman - hairy diamond breasts
::: laibach - tanz mit laibach
::: danbert nobacon - insectkind
::: the spo-its - fuck you elvis
::: friendly science orchestra - sutakina sora o
::: richard youngs - oh my stars
::: faust - j'ai mal aux dents


let me know if you like this kind of thing and maybe i'll do more.

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pinkpressthreat said...

thanks- overlooked this before...lovely design for the cover-excellent.I must let more people aware of yr blog cos it wee-wees over most others :)