23 August 2009

various | breaking the plastic hymen, vinyl virgins & lo-fi whores

originally conceived as a compilation of bands who had yet to release anything on vinyl (hence the title), it took a while to come together, by which time i suspect quite a few had already achieved that feat. however, this compilation still serves as a perfect document of many of the bands that were doing the rounds of the tape trading underground at the time, some of whom went on to something bordering mainstream indie success (well hood anyway).

released as two double 7" sets artworked by graham lambkin on the fisheye distro label, sadly the long-promised boxes never materialised. but there was an edition of all 4 records that came with instructions on how to make your own. very d.i.y.

::: rake - bring me the head of wingtip sloat
::: wingtip sloat - rake/sicle
::: v-neck - towerblock
::: hood - a piano as an object
::: delphium - where the drifts get deeper
::: small things - glow in the dark prisoner
::: geiger counter - two
::: paste - abuse of celebrity
::: scaredy cat - ice cream cone
::: richard youngs and simon wickham-smith - walking the mongoose
::: sone - f.s.f. pt a (2600 to the top)
::: the negative kite - i'm on a streak of dumb luck y' wouldn't believe
::: the shadow ring - back-combed lines
::: tea culture - better than socks
::: refrigerator - new complaints
::: noggin - he gets really bad allergies and symmetries and a lot of peanuts
::: prick decay - 3 variations of chronic delirium
::: bügsküll - our dwarvish nightmare
::: starstruck - cilla bull
::: mother tongue - see you next wednesday
::: i'm being good - three:ten
::: glands of external secretion - a total plate of shrimp

4 x 7" released by fisheye in 1997.


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