19 May 2009

bikini kill / huggy bear | yeah yeah yeah yeah / our troubled youth

it was slagging this record off in kylie fanzine that got me in touch with andy from linus. and while much of what i said at the time was complete bollocks, i still don't think this is a very good record, with most of the blame lying at the feet of bikini kill. "white boy" is great, but the rest, let's be honest, is pretty crap. huggy bear were a far superior band, more inventive, more subtle, more melodic, blending raw nation of ulysses-style punk, bubblegum pop and lo-fi vulnerability.

sorry about the skip at the beginning of "jupiter re-entry". i honestly can't be arsed with re-ripping it. blame my creaking floorboards.

lp released by catcall in 1993.

white boy, don't laugh, don't cry, just die!


Quitter said...

i'm not sure i ever played the Bikini Kill side of this - i didn't think much of them until their last album (though oddly I'm pretty sure I have everything they put out).

at this rate i'll never need to buy a turntable.

Quitter said...

btw did you know I started another blog?


joe said...

i didn't no! have added a link - and grabbed that delgados ep cheers.

pinkpressthreat said...

Agree with you...I found a site with downloads of pretty much all Huggy Bear's releases.If you want it let me know ok.Thanks my friend