18 May 2009

cable | live at reading festival

gideon coe broadcast these tracks earlier today on 6 music and i duly recorded them for you, my valued reader. actually that's not true, i recorded them for me - your pleasure is but an inconsequential bonus.

er, anyway, i've written about cable before so shan't explain again why you should love and cherish all their records.

only four songs sadly:

::: sale of the century
::: seventy
::: where heaven
::: blind man

get it.

p.s. if anyone has any of the peel sessions and is willing to share then please let me know...


Quitter said...

thanks joe - and the oxford sound city gig broadcast on radio one is supposed to be great too.

Peter Tron said...

i have either some of the1995/1996 JP session, or all, i'll get back to you on that. Joe.

joe said...

that would be fantastic thanks peter