20 May 2009

various | skinless wonder: slampt city punk soul explosion

whether it's a coincidence or a direct response, newcastle label slampt rode somewhere close to the crest of the uk riot grrrl movement all the way from meldon terrace to my hot little hand in the rough trade shop in covent garden. their third release, this compilation captured the appeal of the label: raw, immediate, unpretentious, lo-fi, cheap as fuck fun.

while pete and rachel could cometimes be accused of taking these things far too seriously (check the first red monkey lp liner notes and photos for instance), at this early stage in the game they mixed the polemics with a highly infectious enthusiasm. and some tunes!

::: delicate vomit - check out boy
::: unscene - schadenfreude
::: avocado baby - parachute drop
::: seacat - sleeping bag
::: pussycat trash - our option
::: boy heart soup - baby milk action
::: stickfuck - charmed life
::: roundabouts - shellsuit boy
::: ballerina pink - waterlung
::: lumpsuckee - fireball jumping
::: avocado baby - carpet stain remover
::: delicate vomit - popstar
::: pants - special
::: roundabouts - porno cinema
::: razorbladesmile - ext
::: lumpsucker - true stories
::: pussycat trash - vroomism
::: delicate vomit - i hate you
::: mudbath - mudbath
::: ballerina pink - happy stupid
::: tadpole - fabrice pussycat
::: pants - pants
::: clefthanger - marmitesegacorkdwellinghouse (a tribute to the mighty bum gravy)
::: avocado baby - groovy shoes
::: boy heart soup - soup of the day
::: pussycat trash - un soul less
::: ballerina pink - doll eyes
::: stickfuck - carry on up the cemetery
::: las calamares - theme from tadpole

tape released by slampt in 1993.



n01d said...


I am interested to hear more about the first red monkey lp liner notes

I've been following the blog for a bit but never commented, so just thought I should show some love. Thanks for all the lo-fi

Anonymous said...

the first link is to cable live at reading festival. any chance of a fix?

bianca said...

i never was able to get a hold of this when i was a teenager and now it's killing me that the first link is giving me a "live_at_reading_festival_1995" file. eek! can you fix the link for the first half?
forever indebted,

joe said...

hi, i finally fixed the first link....

Anonymous said...

The second file was deleted :( Any chance of a reupload?