22 March 2009

venice is sinking | azar

i'm looking forward to seeing venice is sinking in a couple of weeks for 2 reasons: first, because the venue is 10 minutes' walk from my house, and second because of the song "ryan's song", which you can download from their site. ryan is a lucky guy.

i don't know much about the band except they're from athens, but i'll definitely be buying their new album, "azar", at the gig, and keeping my fingers crossed that the other songs are like these two.

::: venice is sinking - ryan's song
::: venice is sinking - okay


in other news, i popped into criminal records yesterday on a used vinyl spree, forgetting that club awesome were playing. i saw them once before at criminal and they didn't do much for me. but this time the post-punk was outweighed by some more tuneful indie schmindie stuff and they were decked out in golfing attire to go along with the crazy golf set up in the shop. so it was hard not to find them endearing.

on the vinyl front i got some good stuff, like three johns, marrs and woodentops 12"s in the dollar bin, and a john davis abum at wax n facts.

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