23 March 2009

we were promised jetpacks

friends/countrymen/label mates of frightened rabbit (who i have on pretty heavy rotation at the moment) are we were promised jetpacks, who are frighteningly young but rather good with it. if these two tidbits are anything to go by, the album (out in june on fatcat) should be rather ace. they seem to have knack for turning a simple hook into a floor stomping anthem.

they've just played sxsw (the lucky little bastards) and are now touring the uk.

::: we were promised jetpacks - quiet little voices
::: we were promised jetpacks - ships with holes will sink

* * * * *

in other news, kristin hersh has released a new song - even better than her twitter updates...

::: kristin hersh - coals (log in and donate)

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