18 March 2009

father | nature boy

father are best known for the "dancing major" 7" they released on 555. when i say best known, i mean amongst about 50 or so people. father never bothered the brit awards judges.

which is a shame, as they had pop chops a-plenty. but they also did all their recording using a cheap tape deck - none of this fancy 4-track business for them. clearly inspired by the off-the-cuff pop genius of guided by voices, they came across as a band for whom this songwriting business was thoroughly effortless, an exercise in pure, rackety joy, the noise an end in itself and not a career-building occupation.

they released a handful of tapes and that solitary 7". digitising the tapes is a bugger because there are so many bloody songs, the sequence of which doesn't necessarily correlate to what's written on the insert. but i think i've got this one right.

so sit back and enjoy the sound of a group of friends having a brilliant time.

tape released by no-fi home recordings in 1995.

i wouldn't mind some cake right now.


tony the horse said...

thanks for this! what a great band... that it's really, really hard to find any information about! (not an easy name to google)
"now i've changed my minder" has always been a favourite!

pb said...

Great post :) I've got a couple of tapes by Father ('How long's your body' & 'Campbell Thruppers Hate stick') and I Hail Taxi's ('Purple trousers'), but as you said, riping them to digital is a hassle. I may get around to doing it, though I'll probably start with their 7" ('cos I'm lazy :)

The Lost Shoe Team said...

I released a 7" by Father too, the remaining copy I have is somewhere in my boxes. I'll dig it out and either digitise it or post it along to you, if you'd like?

Novemberer said...

Wow, am v.pleased to see this many (3!) folk remember Father! Terrific band - no idea why they didn't get any further (laziness I guess, & who can blame 'em?) but I've yet to part with my cassettes & 555 7". Didn't realise there was ANOTHER 7" though - do use a favour & get uploading, Lost Shoe Team...!