18 March 2009

juliette commagere | queens die proudly

i've made a few discoveries lately, many through blipping like crazy in the past week or so. by discoveries i mean clawing myself to only a few weeks behind those in the know, not months.

juliette commagere also sings in hello stranger, a band i hadn't heard before, but who have toured with foo fighters, which may tell you something about their sound. solo juliette on the other hand will be supporting echo & the bunnymen at sxsw - much more my thing.

anyway, the album's great: polished enough for mainstream appeal but complex enough for snobs like me to approve. my fingers are urging me to type "eurythmics meets charlotte hathaway", but don't listen to them, listen to these two tracks instead.

::: juliette commagere - hearts
::: juliette commagere - where i go

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