13 December 2008

various | red tape

in the same vein as select 12 comes this compilation, also a select mag covermount. this one was sponsored by 4ad and mute, the labels taking a side each. and i think both halves represent the labels at their peak, one dominated by reverb, the other by the sequencer.

again, my actual copy of this tape is long gone, so this is compiled from album tracks and so on.

released by select magazine in 1990.

1. cocteau twins - pitch the baby
2. pale saints - insubstantial
3. pixies - alison
4. his name is alive - some and i
5. lush - deluxe
6. ultra vivid scene - special one
7. dead can dance - the song of the sibyl
8. crime & the city solution - the last dictator i
9. renegade soundwave - murder music
10. nick cave & the bad seeds - foi na cruz
11. depeche mode - clean
12. fortran 5 - midnight trip (tubby noise mix)


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