17 December 2008

various | tba picks of 2008

i'm not one for compiling meticulous best of lists, my listening approach is far too scattershot for that. but this year has seen some excellent albums. it's also seen a resurgence in vinyl sales, something few people predicted when the ipod was first released. so it seems traditional formats are surviving the digital age, even if actual physical sales continue their decline. what that means for the future of the music industry is relevant only to those in its direct employ; for the rest of us, the main thing is that the music continues...

anyway, here's a list in no particular order, of albums i've enjoyed this year. these are the ones i listened to most, got most excited about.

there are plenty of others that would probably be in this list if i'd given them more ear time (hello clinic, bon iver, roots manuva, neon neon, mercury rev, johann johansson, growing, fuck buttons...).

anyway, i'd better post this before i change my mind.

::: ra ra riot - the rhumb line (oh, la)
::: the verve - forth (appalachian springs)
::: darker my love - 2 (two ways out)
::: coldplay - viva la vida (lovers in japan/reign of love)
::: fleet foxes - fleet foxes (tiger mountain peasant song)
::: vampire weekend - vampire weekend (bryn)
::: deerhunter - microcastle (little kids)
::: stephen malkmus & the jicks - real emotional trash (out of reaches)
::: portishead - third (machine gun)
::: uzi & ari - headworms (headworms)
::: sarandon - kill twee pop! (joe's record)
::: lykke li - youth novels (little bit)
::: james blackshaw - litany of echoes (gate of ivory)
::: flight of the conchords - flight of the conchords (the most beautiful girl)
::: the great leap forward - finished unfinished business (tolerance and respect)
::: beatnik filmstars - the purple fez club social 72 (scrabbling)
::: the dodos - visiter (red and purple)
::: frightened rabbit - the midnight organ fight (i feel better)

zipped 1 and 2.

and finally, two biggest disappointments this year came from mogwai (it just hasn't got me excited, despite batcat) and plush (just a bit dull really). oh and death cab for cutie get points for trying to prove the oc hasn't ruined them, but really they tried just a little bit too hard and forgot to write any decent songs.

and finally finally, missing in action because i haven't got hold of them yet are new albums by desalvo (i hear it's a monster) and james orr complex.

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