13 December 2008

butterfly child | soft explosives

third and final (?) album from butterfly child, and while the songs are still there, it has neither the bursting exuberance of "the honeymoon suite" nor the thrilling adventurism of "onomatopeia". instead it maintains a more even, conventional keel - at least relative to its forebears. quite how anyone can compare it to oasis is beyond me, however.

edit: actually, listening again to "the number one", the strings definitely give it an oasis feel, so i take that back. gosh.

released by hit it! in 1998.

download me. *re-upped!*


Ramon said...

thanks for this, have you got Papa Sprain?
Grettings from Catalonia

joe said...

i have a couple of papa sprain records but haven't got round to ripping them yet, mainly because right now i don't have a turntable! but i will do in the next few weeks...