11 December 2008

speeder zine #1

Speeder Zine #1

the follow up to kylie and a fairly hefty 52 pages. features interviews with beatnik filmstars (yes again), guided by voices, insides, madder rose, linus, gene, t.u.o.b. and a guy who claimed to be king arthur. plus tons of reviews of various stuff and a comics article from the much-missed andy roberts of linus. produced around 1993/4 i think. and i'm still reet proud of it.

listen while you read (not got round to ripping my linus records, but will do soon):

::: guided by voices - "wished i was a giant"
::: beatnik filmstars - apathetic english swine
::: madder rose - car song
::: gene - sleep well tonight (i still have that demo of for the dead somewhere)
::: insides - tikky (from volume 10)
::: tuob - god's servant
::: guided by voices - expecting brainchild


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Grk! said...

Had no idea Gruuthaagy was doing stuff back then!