21 August 2008

white town | >abort, retry, fail?

some songs are made to be played on the radio. you know those songs? that whenever you hear them it's like they're always coming from a crackly, mono radio in the kitchen. when i recorded a bbc session at maida vale with sarandon a couple of years ago, the engineer played all the final mixes through one crappy mono speaker they had set up to recreate the kitchen radio effect. phil spector of course built a whole career around it.

anyway, white town's 'your woman' is one of those songs, having received massive amounts of airplay when it got to number 1 in the uk in 1997. which was a coup for all those people busily folding photocopied compilation inserts and trying not to ruin their 14 iced bears flexis. for jyoti mishra was indie. very indie. and he was on the radio.

after getting a kicking from emi, he went back to being indie and is still diying it today.

here's the complete 4-track ep, well worth listening to the extra tracks.

better than stiltskin.

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Jyoti Mishra said...

Hello! Thanks for your post, Joe! If you bung me your postal address, I'll send you my last album,
love and kisses,