21 August 2008

idlewild | some b-sides

what happened to idlewild? maybe it's just because they're getting older, but they seem to be losing their creative spark and energy. i've barely listened to 'make another world'. hey ho. maybe it's because they all grew their hair long.

anyway, here's a few b-sides. none of them especially early i'm afraid, but plenty of good stuff all the same:

from 'i'm a message' (1998):
::: mince showercap (part 3)
::: this is worse

from 'when i argue i see shapes' (1999):
::: palace flophouse
::: chandelier (10.15 version)

from 'actually it's darkness' (2000):
::: meet me at the harbour
::: west haven

from 'you held the world in your arms' (2002):
::: all this information
::: no generation

from 'american english' (2002):
::: poor thing
::: these are just years

roddy woomble is a funny name innit.

p.s. useless fact: guitarist allan stewart also plays in desalvo.

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