24 August 2008

crowsdell | dreamette

seeing atlanta's shannon wright perform many of the songs from her 2001 album 'dyed in the wool' was a mesmerising experience. something about the intensity of both the songs and the delivery, i was hooked. never heard of her before so i dug into her back catalogue, and here's her debut album as part of the band crowsdell. it's a couple of notches lower on the intensity dial, but i still come back to it time and again.

released by big cat in 1995. co-produced by stephen malkmus, no less.

wibble. *reupped*


L said...

Shannon is wonderful. Can't wait to hear this - thanks so much!!

Andrew said...

Would you kindly repost the download? Thanks, I agree, Shannon is wonderful.


Andrew said...

Hi there,

Would you kindly repost the download? I agree, Shannon Wright is wonderful.