27 June 2008

various | our salvation is in hand

following on from abridged perversion is this gem of a compilation, stuffed to the gills with lo-fi 4-track songs from the days when people still had 4-tracks. makes me nostalgic for the days of cutting out tape inlays and gluing labels and stuffing jiffy bags full of flyers. in other words the days before the internet came along and stole our innocence.

features my favourite mountain goats song ever, alpha omega. theme park was a great label too.

released in 1995 on theme park.

::: paul nini - down to the floor
::: the bruces - beginning to see the red light fade
::: father - teach us
::: the mountain goats - alpha omega
::: bucknalls - travelsick
::: simon joyner - sorrow floats
::: neil mcclury - untitled
::: national heroes - untitled
::: the losers - she never promised
::: paste - 68x8
::: matthew hattie hein & wham o - new house basement
::: franklin bruno - cat scratch fever
::: steve lindstrom - me and the weatherman
::: m-ways - the last deep mine
::: fungoboat - radio city
::: spacehopper - spoken for
::: mark s - stephen
::: the post - the joy of spring
::: brown tower - bacterial home
::: nick jackman - fucked up & free
::: trewavas - who needs me?
::: yak & - my own fiefdom
::: party of one - hit the north 3
::: the mountain goats - hand ball
::: john davis - waiting for my wife
::: hood - art without precedent or tradition

hit me up. *re-upped at 320mbps*


Sean said...

Hi - any chance you could repost this? Great blog by the way!


Anonymous said...

yeah, this one looks great, I would love to download it too

saturdayswariror said...

yeah, this one looks like gold, I would much like it too, love your blog, I've hit the mother load here

Jon said...

nth-ing the reup request :D

joe said...

re-upped a fresh rip at 320mbps...

Seán said...

Yer a star. Thanks a million.

leonardodicantaloupe said...

thank you!!!!! downloading it now, can't wait to hear this!!

Jon said...

Dude, thank you so much!