11 June 2008


i mentioned in this entry about working at world domination records that it was during that time that i discovered karate, specifically the album "in place of real insight".

i'm not sure what it is about this album, but it thoroughly sunk its teeth into me and has yet to let go. it's strange because while i'd say i'm definitely a fan of the band, i never really felt the need to collect all their stuff - it's not like a house of love or my bloody valentine. no, my passion is all focused on this one album.

maybe it's the blend of anger and delicacy, indie rock and jazzy overtones, the slow soothing sprawl shattered by a howl. those jazz leanings in geoff farina's playing became more and more overt as his career (and technique) progressed, to the point of almost noodling loungeness, perhaps the early anger fading into a focus on crystal clear precision.

anyway, to cut to the chase, here's a few karate tracks in chronological order:

::: karate - this, plus slow song (from in place of real insight, 1997)
::: karate - new martini (from in place of real insight, 1997)
::: karate - new new (from in place of real insight, 1997)
::: karate - this day next year (from unsolved, 2000)
::: karate - first release (from some boots, 2002)
::: karate - sing (from cancel/sing, 2002)

that's how my scout master shakes hands.

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