01 June 2008

pram | in dreams you too can fly

pram are one of those bands that i don't listen to very often, but when i do get me all misty-eyed and nostalgic for the days when i bought vinyl records, wrote off letters to the contact addresses and got disappointed when they didn't reply.

thus i have copies of the iron lung ep and the stars are so big... on my record shelf, and thus i wrote to the band, i think with some bad questions for my fanzine, and thus they didn't reply... except they did - a few weeks later guitarist matt sent me not just a letter but a taped copy of their debut, very hard to find, mini album, gash. sadly that tape fell by the way side a long time ago, but swedish nurse has it in full, along with a contemporary interview.

there's something wistful, child-like, other-worldy about pram, a quality sustained throughout their career (note: haven't got their last 2 albums mind), but a quality marvellously undercut by their use at early shows of an ironing board as keyboard stand, a jolt of mundane practicality to offset their free jazz leanings.

one day i'll dig out the interview they did for me, but for now, here's a selection of stuff:

:::: pram - cumulus (from iron lung, 1993)
:::: pram - the ray (from the stars are so big, the earth is so small... stay as you are, 1993)
:::: pram - in dreams you too can fly (from the stars are so big, the earth is so small... stay as you are, 1993)
:::: pram - cinnabar (from north pole radio station, 1998)
:::: pram - carnival of souls [ghost train dub] (from the will our children thank us comp, 1999)
:::: pram - the owl service (from the museum of imaginary animals, 2000)


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Anonymous said...

dear sir,
pram are wonderful! thank you for bringing them to our attention!
looking through your site, you mentioned having the huggy nation/kisserboy kissergirl cassette. would it a tremendous hassle to (please) repost it? if so, you would make a small girl (and probably other folk!) tremble with unabashed glee.

take care,