30 June 2008

bleach | bands i wish i'd seen live pt 2

a bit like pram, bleach is another band that wrote back. specifically tom the drummer, who revealed that he went to king edwards school in bath, as well as the fact that their sound evolved from trying to copy bands they liked and failing because they weren't good enough. one of these days i'll dig out my old zines and scan them in, but until then you'll just have to try and imagine the brilliance.

anyway, i bet they were bloody brilliant live. they did play at bath moles once, where they also recorded the disappointing hard and fast eps (though talking of these, if anyone has these digitally i'd be eternally grateful as i'm currently turntable-less). but clearly i didn't go. can't remember why. apathy perhaps.

bleach have that all-enveloping squalling sound that's perfect for dark clubs after a couple of drinks, close your eyes and sway, nod occasionally, forgot yourself. that's what i'd do anyway.

oh well, maybe they'll reform.

here's their only album, killing time, released by musidisc in 1992.

some nights i cry myself to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Pardon the out-of-the-blueness of my comment, but could you possibly upload Uzeda 'Peel Sessions' to Rapidshare or some such? YOu posted it a couple years ago but in very lo-fi files. I'd be very grateful to you.