06 May 2008

threadless, my bloody valentine

in anticipation of a hot week in mexico on my honeymoon, i just bought my first t-shirt from threadless. actually i bought 2 but the second one was a big mistake and will be going back tomorrow. i've browsed the threadless catalogue many times, but despite the many cool designs, i rarely seem to see a shirt that (a) they have in stock and (b) i'd wear. it seems you have to visit regularly to snap up the good ones before they sell out. which is the perfect demonstration of why threadless's business model is such a clever one. anyway...

in other news, i'm feeling slightly giddy at the news that my bloody valentine is touring the US this year. though i'm not conviced 4 cities really constitutes a tour, especially when none of them are particularly close, dammit. but still, it's tempting. as is the ATP NY line up. but then part of me thinks i've pretty much done ATP to death. i can't believe shellac are playing it yet again. still, it does look mighty fine.

here's a mixture of stuff, in chronological order (i think), not all of it good

::: my bloody valentine - forever and again
::: my bloody valentine - i don't need you
::: my bloody valentine - paint a rainbow
::: my bloody valentine - only shallow (live in vancouver 1992) (courtesy of burning world)

now you know.

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