30 April 2008

flight of the conchords | flight of the conchords

so I'm getting married in just over 2 weeks, which means i'm pretty much stuck in wedding planning hell. it's funny because neither of us ever imagined we'd get sucked into the whole wedding circus where your life is governed by to do lists, large invoices and family arguments. but it's happened, creeping up on us stealthily at first but then suddenly sweeping us off the floor and repeatedly slamming us back into it.

which means light relief is very welcome. so the flight of conchords album has been on heavy rotation, and here are two tracks from it.

::: flight of the conchords - the most beautiful girl (in the room)
::: flight of the conchords - business time

plus 2 dialogue ones from the bbc series:

::: flight of the conchords - brian books a gig
::: flight of the conchords - band meeting #1

and you've probably seen this already:

incidentally, my future wife is from roswell, so the following gem from david cross makes us laugh like drains:

::: david cross - lunch with frankenstein [from shut up, you fucking baby!]

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