06 April 2008

various | sunday mix

the weather has been crap recently, lots of rain, grey days and an autumnal chill in the air. it's a shame, but so long as it's sunny mid-may then i'll get over it. i've been itching to get out take pictures of the neighbourhood. the dogwoods are out in full bloom and the streets are covered in pink blankets of petals. maybe tomorrow.

in the meantime, here's a gentle mix for a sunday hangover. happily i don't have one today, but someone else in this house certainly does.

::: pedro the lion - be thou my vision
::: mark eitzel - christian science reading room
::: james blackshaw - running to the ghost
::: movietone - sun drawing
::: south - smoke
::: valgeir sigurðsson - focal point
::: butterfly child - lunar eclipse
::: the wedding present - falling
::: white rabbits - take a walk around the table
::: calliope - did you get what you came for

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