28 April 2008

james | hey ma

i got woken up by gunfire the other night, a nice reminder that kirkwood is still "transitional". next morning there were no dead bodies on our doorstep, no yellow tape or squad cars, so maybe it was just two old cars exchanging backfires. who knows.

anyway, i've been enjoying the new album by james. the "come home" single was the first cd i ever bought i think (this after countless tapes and records, y'understand), so these mancunians will always hold a place in my heart, even if i've never been a real sincere fan, never even bought one of their ubiquitous t-shirts back in the days when some bands made more from their merch than anything else (i'm looking at you ned's atomic dustbin) (i wonder what happened to my ned's t-shirt, no doubt culled by my mum years ago).

but this new album is surprisingly good. they always had a knack for a good melody and tim's voice is as clear and strong as ever, with perhaps a little of the preechiness sanded off it.

see what you think - here are the first two tracks, plus a couple of the b-sides from that "come home" single for good measure.

::: bubbles
::: hey, ma
::: come home (flood mix)
::: fire away

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