26 March 2008

baggy pants

so i'm living in atlanta now. it's great. the sun shines (mostly), people greet you in the street and people pack your bags for you in the supermarket. what more could i ask for?

i haven't had time to explore the local music scene, except get pretty well acquainted with my local indie record store. stephen malkmus is playing tonight but i'm not going, darn it. i'm too busy planning a wedding. and wondering how the hell we're going to pay for it.

one of the true joys of atlanta living is watching the local channel 2 action news. it's a goldmine of crap that rarely fails to bemuse, excite, anger and generally put a big smile on my face. tonight one of hte main reports was on atlanta's "saggy pants controversy" - ie attempts by the local legislature to make it illegal to wearer baggy trousers that reveal your underwear. in other words they want to make it illegal to mkae yourself look like a complete twat. shame.

meanwhile, a kansas woman sat on the toilet for 2 years. god bless america.

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