28 April 2008

sebadoh | live at rough trade shop

i'm not going to lie, when i dragged two friends to see sebadoh play their first ever uk show at the rough trade shop in covent garden, i didn't really know who they were. sure, there'd been a 2-page feature on them in the melody maker that week, but i'd only really skimmed it. but i had a vague idea that going to see them would be a good thing, so since we were already going to be in london that day for whatever reason, we did. and i took my dictaphone.

the shop was crowded and hot. lou sang all the songs. and afterwards i bought a copy of rocking the forest and got him to sign it, even though from my lowly vantage point (i'm short), i hadn't seen who was playing what, so had no idea what he did in the band. so i asked him.

hey ho.

if anyone can tell me what track 8 is that would be great - i've never been good at song titles...

::: sebadoh - soul and fire
::: sebadoh - 2 years 2 days
::: sebadoh - interlude
::: sebadoh - vampire
::: sebadoh - really insane
::: sebadoh - forced love
::: sebadoh - cliche<
::: sebadoh - whitey peach (thanks anonymous commenter)
::: sebadoh - brand new love

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Anonymous said...

Track 8 is "Whitey Peach". Awesome post ! Will see them in Gent tonight ! Yeah ! :-)

Alex said...

This was on Saturday 8 August 1992 I think. Pretty sure they did this in the afternoon and played their UK debut at The Venue in New Cross that night.

Any chance of a re-up?

joe said...