01 August 2006

yann tiersen | la valise d'amelie

i saw luc bresson's new film angel-a last night. and i'm not sure what to make of it really. it was sort of good... and sort of not... beautifully shot & acted, but the storyline itself is a bit, well, hokey and sentimental i guess. and the music was a bit cliched and hollywood sounding.

but it made me think of one of my favourite french films, amelie - largely because both films share the actor jamel debbouze. so here are three versions of the same song from the soundtrack by yann tiersen.

::: yann tiersen - la valise d'amelie
::: yann tiersen - la valise d'amelie (version piano)
::: yann tiersen - la valise d'amelie (version orchestre)

and by way of a bonus, here's an excellent track from the yann tiersen & shannon wright album that has the same accordion flavour:

::: yann tiersen & shannon wright - dragonfly (ici d'ailleurs)


by way of a shameless plug, you might want to hear the session my band, sarandon, recorded for marc riley on saturday. but then you might not.


Anonymous said...
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Peter said...

It's la VALSE d'Amélie !

joe said...

pah - details details!