02 August 2006

the promo bin 1

here's a new thing: i'm a regular trawler of the bargain cd bins at the record exchange on berwick street, so once a week i'll pick out a couple of rough gems and post them for everyone's sheer delight. how does that sound? great.

let's kick things off with a right stinker. remember when ice cube was relevant? well judging by his new single, he certainly doesn't. cartoon gangsta posturing over a mind-numbingly boring production that makes 50 cent sound like dose one. this version is the "street" version (no I'm not kidding, that's what it says) because i know how you love a bit of effing and blinding.

::: ice cube - why we thugs (steet)

to make up for that excrement, i also picked up the new album by domino 'tronica twinklers psapp, so here are the first two songs. is it me or does the first one sound like the theme tune to black books (a bit)?

::: psapp - hi (from the only thing i ever wanted)
::: psapp - king of you

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