21 July 2006


when steve albini curated atp a few years ago, uzeda were definitely the band to watch as far as i was concerned. coaxed out of retirement by steve, their set was pure joy. rare it is that you see bands so clearly enjoying themselves on stage, unabashedly. but then uzeda is a band that seems to be all about let your true emotions pour out. just listen to the cathartic wails of agostino's guitar, mimicking the primal screams from giovanna. and then there's that rythmn section, the bass adding serious meat to the drum's bone structure.

er anyway, enough bad music criticism, uzeda don't get talked about much these days, so here are some songs you should own. hunt down their records...

from the ep 4 (touch n go)

::: surrounded
::: sleeper deeper

from the album different section wires (touch n go) [download from the epitonic page]
::: the milky way

from the peel sessions mini album (strange fruit)
::: it happened here
::: well paid
::: higher than me
::: save my snakes
::: spread
::: slow


sabrosalsa said...

it's true, they never got popular (at least 'popular' like shellac), and they kick serious asses

by the way i'm from chile,
it seems they have something like, what, 1 or 2 listeners per country

eeevol said...

Uzeda did a record a couple of years back called Stella that is their best, it's stunning! Albiini produced and the band are angular, tight and inventive, so so recommended!