16 August 2006

the promo bin 3

another wednesday, another trip to the record exchange, and bagged a couple of goodies.

i have to admit i have a bad habit of buying these promos and then never listening to them in full, just taking them home and adding them to one one of the many piles of "stuff" lying around at home. but i'm pretty sure both of these will get some good listens.

first up to bat is a single by the early years. i had actually already downloaded two of the three tracks from some blog or other, but liked them so much i was wondering whether to seek out the record itself. and hey presto. life's funny like that sometimes. ha. ha. anyway the early years are from london, signed to beggars, and so far have released a couple of singles, of which this is the first. definitely some nice krautrock/shoegazey influences going on there. take it away boys...

::: the early years - all ones and zeros
::: the early years - a little more

and second is fabriclive 22 featuring scratch perverts. not sure when this was released, i guess about a year ago. i could look it up but naturally i can't be arsed. instead let's just cut right to the chase and give up the mp3s shall we.

::: roots manuva - witness (walworth road rocker's dub)
::: the roots -
guns are drawn
::: dj shadow ft roots manuva - g.d.m.f.s.o.b. (unkle uncensored mix)


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Ed said...

thanks for witness dude! love it