18 August 2006

[minmae] | i'd like to apologize for last night

i recently got the last two albums by portland's minmae, an indie rock three-piece with strong echoes of jim o'rourke's guitar pop. i'd been a fan of minmae for quite a while but lost touch with what they were doing some time back. that was a mistake.

you can find a whole load of mp3s on the band's website. but one thing you won't find is the early 7" i'd like to apologize for last night, which i bestow upon you in its entirety.

this record is from the days when minmae (or [minmae] as he was generally known back then) was basically the work of just sean brookes, and belies a predilection for flying saucer attack-style hazy psychedlia. it also belies genuine talent. enjoy.

::: minmae - universal excuse movement (airborne virus 7", 1999)
::: minmae - f being a constant
::: minmae - the man who fought for speed

the 7" is our of print, but the tracks were included on the microcassette quatrains cd, released on the excellent bluesanct label, home to drekka. once upon a time i was scheduled to release a split 7" featuring both those bands. but it didn't happen - all my own fault.

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