09 August 2006

more film music

talking of film music (which i was a little while ago, if only to myself), here are a couple more film score treats, from the deeply unfashionable eurythmics and the slightly more hip angelo badalementi.

be grateful i'm not forcing you to listen to top gun or dirty dancing.

::: eurythmics - winston's diary (from the soundtrack to 1984)
::: eurythmics -
greetings from a dead man
::: angelo badalementi -
falling (from the soundtrack to twin peaks)
::: angelo badalementi -
twin peaks theme

if i had the weddoes' version of falling to hand i would of course upload that too.

i've just launched a project to fill up my new external hard drive with songs ripped from all those cds i never really listen to - mainly because they're stuck behind piles of other cds - so soon i'll have a squillion tunes at my fingertips. woo.

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