30 August 2006

more scratch perversion

since i'm in an electronic mood, i feel the need to share these three songs, taken from the promo bin find of a couple of weeks ago, the fabric live scratch perverts mix.

this takes me back to being a schoolboy in bath and making weekly visits to replay record shop to fondle the 7" singles longingly. these tunes are precisely the kind of thing that would be roaring out of the speakers, preferably with some pasty faced bloke bearing a skeletal visage and a baseball cap hanging out at the counter. i never quite understood this kind of music, but then i wasn't into drugs and i didn't own a car. i'm older now, and while i'm still a good boy when it comes to the happy pills, i do own a car now, and - i kid you not - the first thing i thought when i heard these tracks was "that would sound great in my car". no i'm not proud.

::: dj phantasy, shodan & uk apache - gimme da gal
::: pendulum - another planet
::: baron - a modern way v.i.p.


zackblair said...

hey there, any way you could repost this? my thanks

joe said...

i just checked and the files are still there for download, but they're pretty compressed so i'll load the whole album in a new post...