30 August 2006

the promo bin | fsol

this week's find is a copy of the upcoming future sound of london best of, teachings from the electronic brain. like most people i discovered fsol in 1992 when they released papa new guinea. like most people i still think that's by far and away their finest moment. in the early 90s we were knee deep in grunge, still getting over our baggy-induced hangovers, and putting up with britpop. there was a lot going on, musically speaking. and most of it was decidedly retro. so png's crystalline beats came as something of a revelation to me. however it was a flirtation that lasted approximately 4 minutes 59 seconds, the draw of indie rock proving far too great. see also spiral tribe, orbital, ultramarine, eat static and leftfield.

now they're releasing a best of, but i can't really say it's changed my mind about them. it has a few moments, but none that quite scale the same heights.

::: future sound of london - papa new guinea (12" version)
::: future sound of london - lifeforms (radio edit)
[featuring elizabeth fraser]
::: future sound of london - cascade (shortform)

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