09 August 2006

the promo bin 2

another visit to the record exchange, and a pretty fruitful one at that.

first up universal's attempt at replicating the success of busted except with er spunky girls: love bites. i bought their album sampler partly for the wonderfully dayglo packaging, but mainly because a friend of mine worked on the recording session: apparently the girls would spend all day working on hard on recording their parts, then leave in the evening safe in the knowledge that they had it in the can... possibly passing on their way out the session musicians hired to re-record their parts. and apparently the girls never noticed. bless.

the album came out last year, and while i'm not exactly a keen follower of the teen music market, i suspect it sank without trace.

note how these two songs are pretty much identical.

::: love bites - you broke my heart (from the album love sucks)
::: love bites - fit like me

i think i'd rather listen to the def leppard song.

i also picked up an album by the research, a band i've been interested to hear, though i was under the impression they were signed to rough trade, whereas this album is on at large recordings. maybe i'm getting my bands confused. anyway, produced by john mcentire, i've only listened to the first couple of songs and they remind me a little of the tyde somehow. my touchpaper remains unlit but it's early days.

::: the research - the way we used to (from the album breaking up)
::: the research - i love you but

i also bought morning runner's album, but it's copy protected so this pc won't recognise it, nasty corporate bastards, a compilation called death disco and a single by love is all. maybe i'll post some tracks later. not bad for £7.

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