19 July 2006


after a bit of a silence (finally got broadband at home, but now spending all hours in the studio recording), two tracks from one of those great bands that seemingly no one has heard of. kiwis garageland delivered some pretty infectious indied rock/pop songs. that's really all i can tell you. i got sent the ep these two songs came from back in the 90s, and then heard nothing about them after that, finally picking up their debut album last exit to garageland from the record exchange.

anyway, sorry, really not very interesting this post, but hopefully the quality of these two songs will compensate. if not then press random has some pretty rich pickings.

::: garageland - shouldn't matter but it does
::: garageland - come back
(both taken from the special combeack ep on discordant/mushroom)

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Anonymous said...

Garageland were a great band and the album that come back was on 'last exit to garageland' was some of the best music from New Zealand at the time. Rockin'!
Dr H