30 June 2006

ride on

like many people, i had my tiny mind blown by ride's debut album nowhere and subsequently bought all the previous eps and then sat waiting for melody maker to tell me when the next album would be released. and then like many people i was disappointed with going blank again. yes, it was probably their 'hit' album, but for me it was all about the feedback-drenched adrenalin rush of their sound, and not so much the songwriting itself.

anyway, to make a medium-length story a bit shorter, after that second album i drifted off to pastures new. i got a friend to dub me the 2 subsequent albums but never really listened to them much beyond the opening sub-sixties-throwback riffs.

well, the other day in a moment of madness i bought their fourth and final album, tarantula, and blow me if it isn't actually quite good. ironic really that it's the kind of album oasis would like to make. so i'm now keeping an eye out for a decent copy of carnival of light to complete the set.*

so, in order for my renewed enthusiasm for all things ride, here's a selection of stuff:

::: ride - in a different place (live, not sure where or when)
::: ride - grasshopper (b-side to leave them all behind)
::: ride - only now (from volume 12, i love the way andy sings "hurrrricaaiiiinne")
::: ride - blacknite crash (track 1 on tarantula)
::: ride - sunshine/nowhere to run (track 2 on tarantula)
::: the betty ford - close my eyes (this was my band when i was at school, we recorded this on a 4-track in our maths teacher's flat)

* i feel the need to confess that i'm actually considering getting all of 3 latter albums on both cd and vinyl - cd for digital convenience and vinyl because i've got all the early stuff on vinyl and um it would look nice altogether. no i'm not proud.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear the new remasters? Marvellous!

Damn Spy Novels said...

That was me about the remasters btw.

Have you read The Creation Record Story? It mentions that Andy Bell really wanted Ride to be Oasis in the end.

I got a kick out of the vocals on your Close My Eyes. I doubt you'll know what I mean, but people don't sing like that anymore do they? Back then, every support act you ever saw had a singer that sang like that...

Pete2ndBest said...

Well, you could quite easily guess Bell wanted Ride to sound like Oasis by listening to his subsequent band Hurricane #1 who sounded like... Oasis. ;-)

the blackened air said...

yeah I read that book, fascinating. i seem to remember at the time there were mutterings about how it was andy's wife ida (?) that was leading him down the sixties garden path...

and no, haven't got a copy of the remasters yet, but on my ebay list!

btw, when are you going to update your blog?!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI - 'Kaleidescope' is actually 'In A Different Place'. Nice version though.

the blackened air said...

you're right i'm a dolt... never been very good with song titles!