03 July 2006

san diego blues

around 1994 i used to contribute to a bristol-based fanzine called cookie dough that had a serious penchant for indie rock. this was the same period that i was a regular reader of those fat american zines like flipside. this was also the time that san diego was tipped to be "the new seattle". and the bands in this post certainly suggest why.

of course nothing came of it, and all but rocket from the crypt sank into relative obscurity. but thankfully they left behind some prime examples of the american indie rock sound.

::: aMiniature - physical climber (from the depthfiveratesix album)
::: inch - linger (from the stresser album)
::: rocket from the crypt - killy kill (from circa: now)
::: rocket from the crypt - born in 69 (from scream, dracula, scream!)
::: rocket from the crypt - on a rope (from scream, dracula, scream!)
::: fluf - little baby (from muscia del diablo: live at the casbah)
::: heavy vegetable - dutch (from muscia del diablo: live at the casbah) (featuring rob crow of pinback of course)


Damn Spy Novels said...

what no jehu?

the blackened air said...

ah, no, bit of an ommission... haven't got round to ripping my copy of yank crime yet. did you ever hot snakes? still haven't got their album.

Damn Spy Novels said...

I managed to get all what Hot Snakes put out. In some ways, better than Jehu. In others, not so much.

Different band really.