29 June 2006

wagon christ | gas fish

i don't know anything about luke vibert, and when i heard the song attached to this post i didn't even know wagon christ is aka luke. if i did would it make any difference? well it shouldn't really should it.

anyway, this track comes from a volume compilation - remember volume magazine? ran for about a dozen issues, cd sized, with a compilation... i picked up a bunch of the cds cheap in the record exchange in soho a while back. and while there's plenty of rubbish that i've long since deleted, there are a few gems worth plundering.

so here it is, pretty simple, but somehow immediately engaging. and apparently this was his first release evah. not a bad start. has an electro boards of canada vibe to it.

::: wagon christ - gas fish (from volume 9)


pedro the lion/headphones/david bazan fans should flock to bradley's almanac for a complete live set. really, really great. going to have to dig out my pedro albums now. be quick as it will be taken off soon.


the observant will note that i'm posting very irregularly; i'm dependent on work for broadband at the moment so it's all a question of fitting it in. but sometime in july this should all change.


music is art said...

hello... i enjoy yr writing style... im not sure how i stumbled here :) but is yr blog title named after the great nina nastasia?

the blackened air said...

thanks! yes indeed it is... one day maybe i'll even post something by her...